American Axle 3.91 Camaro SS Ring & Pinion Gear Set 218 mm Differential 2010-2013

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    The LPE 3.91 ring & pinion set is now a production built gear which substantially lowers the price over the model shop built gear sets we previously sold. These are a premium ring & pinion gear set for the Camaro SS that are designed and manufactured to meet OE specifications to ensure long life and quiet operation. This manufacturing process combined with a professional installation will insure quiet factory like operation of your differential unlike less expensive gears sets that often can cause gear whine even if they are installed correctly.

    LPE Ring & Pinion Specifications:
    - Designed to meet original equipment specifications
    - Manufactured by American Axle the original equipment gear supplier for Camaro SS
    - Gear material is a modified SAE 4320 steel alloy
    - 11 tooth pinion gear, 43 tooth ring gear design
    - Gear sets fit both manual and automatic transmission Camaro SS differentials
    - Gears sets are 100% single flank rolled to assure acceptable NVH characteristics

    LPE Ring & Pinion Details:
    The 3.91 ratio ring and pinion provides a 13% increase in effective rear wheel torque multiplication compared to the factory 3.45 ring & pinion (MT) and a 20% increase in effective rear wheel torque multiplication compared to the factory 3.27 ring & pinion that is found on the AT equipped Camaro SS.

    When cruising at 60 mph in 6th gear, a manual transmission vehicle will see an approximate increase in engine speed of 180 RPM or 13% increase while automatic transmission vehicles will see an approximate increase of 300 rpm or 20% increase.

    Automatic & manual transmission equipped vehicles will require ECM calibration changes to correct the speedometer.

    Available as a ring and pinion only or as a complete differential assembly. The complete differential assembly is available as a complete new assembly or built from the customerís core.

    The V8 differential can be adapted to the V6 vehicles but it requires new half shafts and a new driveshaft.