Racetronix Camaro Firebird Fuel System 1998- Early 99

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    1998- early 99 LS1 Camaro & Firebird High-Performace Plug & Play Fuel System

    * Anodized T6 aluminum fuel pump module for simple drop-in installation
    * High-Pressure 255L/Hr integral Walbro pump - supports high horsepower levels easily
    * Full Plug & Play weatherproof harness - no cutting / splicing required - Boosts pump performance by as much as 25%
    * All components come pre-assembled
    * Stainless steel hardware
    * Installation hardware & instructions included
    * Harness is performance upgrade ready! *
    * Racetronix Lifetime warranty on harness.

    Fuel Pump Module

    The Racetronix LS1 fuel pump module is a direct drop-in replacement for the factory GM plastic pump assembly. No modification is required to the factory sending unit. Simply remove the old plastic pump assembly and put in the new one. Installation of the Racetronix LS1 fuel pump module can be easily done in under 5 minutes with basic hand tools. The Racetronix fuel pump module is designed to position the pump in the factory location for optimal performance. Should the pump ever require service, it can be removed from the module using the supplied hex key by removing two of the mounting dowels. The Racetronix pickup adapter allows the factory filter sock used on the Walbro pump which has a much greater surface area than the after market types thereby providing longer filter service life. Retaining the factory filter sock also allows the GM return system be kept intact thereby reducing contamination and foaming. The Racetronix LS1 fuel module is made from T6 high-grade aluminum which is bright dip anodized and sealed for long life. A factory style Delphi fuel feed line is double-clamped to the pump's outlet for added reliability under high operating pressures. This Delphi feed line is more flexible than a rubber line making for easier installation. The Delphi feed line is highly resistant to the harsh chemicals in today's gasoline which tend to attack and dry out rubber fuel lines. The Racetronix in-tank pump wiring eliminates the need for an in-tank wiring adapter or butt connectors which can be unreliable and can cause voltage drop. The Racetronix in-tank pump wiring has a Walbro connector that plugs directly into the pump. The other end has Delphi terminals which are easily inserted directly into the factory bulkhead connector. Teflon silver plated wire is used throughout as is done from the factory. Teflon silver plated wire is the most resistant to gasoline and provides maximum voltage to the pump. All connections are crimped and soldered. This approach improves the overall reliability of the connections and guarantees maximum performance.

    Wiring Harness

    All fuel pumps are voltage sensitive, the lower the voltage the lower the fuel volume. Walbro gerotor pumps exhibit a significant increase in fuel volume with increased supply voltage. A Walbro pump's average fuel volume increases over 18% by increasing the supply voltage from 12 to 13.5 volts. The factory harness is marginal at best for supplying a factory pump with enough voltage to perform well. Replacing the factory pump with a high-performance pump such as the Walbro GSS340M can easily double the current demand at higher fuel pressures as is used in the LS1 system. The voltage drop in the factory harness increases proportionally to the current demands of the pump. Racetronix has documented tests where the voltage drop in a factory harness has caused over a 25% drop in fuel pump volume. Factory harnesses typically use 18 or 16 gauge wire. The Racetronix harness uses heavy 10 gauge copper wire to reduce voltage-drop to very low levels. This is three to four gauges thicker than factory. Our power feed comes off the battery where voltage is highest. It then runs through a Delphi weatherproof fuse holder and then to the back of the car. The Racetronix harness uses LS1 specific custom made male and female Delphi weatherproof connectors which plug inline with the factory harness at the back of the tank. No cutting or splicing is required. A Siemens weatherproof 40 amp rated mil-spec. relay is used. These relays have silver plated contacts and are the best money can buy so that you can be guaranteed to have trouble-free operation. The Racetronix harness has a redundant body ground upgrade as it is necessary to improve the harness on the negative side of the pump's supply as well. All connections are crimped and soldered using certified Delphi crimpers and state-of-the-art soldering equipment.. Racetronix supplies a spare ATO fuse, black vinyl wire ties, silicon grease, pin terminal tool, allen key and mounting hardware with each kit. Two solid brass battery nuts with accessory taps are supplied to ease in hooking up power to your Racetronix harness.

    * Siemens / Potter & Brumfield is now owned by Tyco Electronics