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If you have a passion for bikes, hot rods, muscle cars, exotics and everything in between… This is going to be the place to be! Everything from a rat rod to a brand new Lamborghini Huracán and everything in-between.

This event runs EVERY Saturday morning from 8am-10am during the Summer months. Everyone is welcome to come! No admission! Oh… and did I mention that there will be Coffee, Donuts, and Muffins? Yep… We’ll have those there for you.

Cars & Coffee is located at the Lingenfelter Northern Facility.
(47451 Avante Dr. Wixom, MI) Right off 96/Beck Road. The building faces Beck Rd. Easy on/off highway access.

If you’re interested in some work, please give our team a call at 260-724-2552

Season Re-Cap!

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful successful cars and coffee season for 2017! We couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout all season long! Thank you for continuing to support #Lingenfelter and our mission to support our Local Community Gleaners Food Bank!

With it being our 4th year running,  with everyone’s help and effort Lingenfelter Cars and Coffee managed to supply Gleaners Food Bank with 21,169 meals to give back to our local community! With a grand total of 46,610 meals over the past 4 years! Next year, 2018, will mark our 5th year anniversary supporting Gleaners!

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Lingenfelter Cars and Coffee Fall Pop-Up Edition 9/16/17 

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