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“We are very excited to announce our Lingenfelter Authorized Installer Program,” said Mark Rapson, COO/VP of Operations for Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. This new program begins the next generation of bringing our performance programs to market.

“The complexity and system dynamics of today’s vehicle platforms have led to a paradigm shift in how performance upgrades are developed, which includes requirements for installation and integration,” said Rapson. In addition, the aftermarket landscape has changed; everchanging security with vehicle electronics, EPA regulations, calibrations process, and specialized hardware requirements for engine and driveline integration is restricting or eliminating DIY installation. We’ve been monitoring this trend towards less DIY, and an increase in demand for professional upgrade installs on new car and truck platforms.

The catalyst for introducing the Lingenfelter Authorized Installer Program came from a joint development with MAGNUSON for a supercharger on the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette. “Based on the sophistication of the C8 platform, the team realized early on that this would be a professional-only install program,” Rapson explains. As a result, the Authorized Installer Program was born, along with the specialized tools and system integration processes.

The Authorized Installer Program is a contractual agreement with select performance facilities geographically positioned to sell for install LPE performance upgrades. These professional facilities will be LPE approved and require specialized tools and equipment to perform upgrades to LPE specifications. LPE will supply calibration and integration support for the upgrades within the professional network.

This new program and its select partners will offer better access to LPE performance programs and give consumers confidence in knowing that the Lingenfelter Authorized Installer Program is a network of highly professional installer partners approved by Lingenfelter. “Our objective is to provide excellent performance and the best customer experience,” said Rapson. We will evaluate and expand the network for other LPE upgrades in 2023.

Contact Mark Rapson MRapson@Lingenfelter.com for inquiries about joining the Lingenfelter Authorized Installer Program

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Build Centers
Lingenfelter Wixom, MI
Lingenfelter Decatur, IN

Initial Lingenfelter Authorized Installer Network


Magnuson Superchargers
Ventura, CA


Redline Motorsports
Pompano Beach, FL

New Jersey

East Coast Supercharging
Cream Ridge, NJ


Boost District Superchargers
Midlothian, TX


Davenport Motorsports
Calgary, Canada

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