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Unleash MORE Horsepower, The Wait is OVER! Lingenfelter Exclusive MAGNUSON Supercharger System

Together with our partners at Magnuson Superchargers, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has invested two years of development, thousands of road validation miles, and track testing to produce an OEM quality, fully integrated supercharger program for the C8 Corvette.

The system was designed to work on C8 coupe and HTC Z51 models and features tuning using our “C-CAL” process to directly calibrate the factory ECM and does not require any supplemental piggyback devices. This creates seamless integration and excellent performance.

This new system was developed for the serious enthusiast and features our proprietary ECT (Extreme Cooling Technology) heat exchanger system to maximize cooling of the supercharger charge-air intercooler to control and lower intake air temperatures and prevent heat-soak.

Although the system is complete for the HTC platform, based on lead time for a couple of convertible-specific components, which are different than the coupe, we will launch the convertible program on January 11th, 2023.

The Lingenfelter Authorized C8 Corvette Supercharger Installer Program is a network developed to meet the demand for Lingenfelter MAGNUSON TVS2650 Chevrolet C8 Corvette DI 700 Horsepower Supercharger Package, which is ONLY sold as an installed program. The growing Lingenfelter Authorized Installer network is a select group of installers trained to complete installations to our specifications using only Lingenfelter approved tools, components, and processes.

The network is geographically positioned to make it easier for customer installs, so everyone has easy access to enjoy the C8 Corvette Supercharger upgrade. The program includes both the C8 coupe and hard top convertible.

The C8 Superchargers are IN STOCK, and the purchase process starts with a $1000 deposit for a list placeholder to manage demand. A full deposit will be taken at the time of the confirmed installation date.

Unleash MORE Horsepower, The Wait is OVER! | Lingenfelter Exclusive MAGNUSON Supercharger System

Lingenfelter MAGNUSON TVS2650 C8 Corvette DI 700 Horsepower Supercharger Package – $24,950.00

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